Life Science Law DK is an independent society that aims to further the development of the legal conditions for the life science industry in Denmark. The society does not represent any special interests and is not associated with any companies, interest groups, professional organizations or other institutions. Life Science Law DK was founded in September 2016 and membership is open for persons who are working with or is otherwise engaged in topics that are within the scope of the society. Via different activities Life Science Law DK seek to heighten the knowledge of the strategic and commercial considerations and the special contracts that are characteristic for the life science industry. The activities includes mainly organizing of events, debates, networking initiatives and sharing of knowledge. Life Science Law DK is managed by a board elected by the members and the composition of the board is well balanced and representative of the different stakeholders in the life science industry in Denmark. If you want to support the future work of Life Science Law DK we encourage you to become a member.

Board of Directors / Bestyrelsen:

● Uffe Mark Hansen, Novartis (formand)
● Kamilla Warberg, T&W Medical (næstforkvinde)
● Anders Holm, Novo Nordisk (kasserer)
● Lene Laursen, Medicoindistrien
● Line Berg Madsen, Poul Schmith/Kammaradvokaten
● Louise Bertelsen Forman, BKH Law
● Martin Dræbye Gantzhorn, Bech-Bruun
● Mikkel Vittrup, Plesner
● Morten Engsbye, Dansk Erhverv
● Thomas Klit Christensen, Lif
● Timo Minssen, Cebil Københavns Universitet

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